Post your Screenshot!

Let’s get this rollin’!


And, ME3 making my male Shep look like a monkey.

Whyy must this be :frowning:

Seeing as I posted so damn much in the last one, here it is, yet another screenshot thread! Ready to be filled with the imminent flood of Black Mesa screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:


no cars?

Shockingly not. I’m sure you know how tempted I was o_o

Playing FF Cinematic mod

I enjoyed playing Cinematic mod, mainly because of the naked alyx model.

What’s the name of that mod? Is it for Half-Life 2? :wink:

cinematic mod; putting out of place models in your game since who the fuck cares when

Your avatar fits this post uncomfortably well.

Playing around with a SEUS-modded Minecraft, and also, the top of my house in the background there :slight_smile:

That whole super-realism lighting fits minecraft surprisingly well. Love the plumber cube too. :smiley:

Anyways, here is my adorable Skyrim Character whom I love to bits.

Scary stuff…

Indeed it does. I hope they will add shaders to the official version some time in the future. The visuals are pretty stunning for an engine based on cubes.

What kind of mods did you use?

Apachii Skyhair, a bodyslide customized CBBE body/armor/clothes, coverwomen face textures 1, Covereyes (I think) and Extended slider colors to get the right shade of hair.

I was having fun with a friend today, doing an EP2 run together. I got around to check out how the new version of mah pink jalopy looks.

Steam’s screenshots are pretty crappy, so I’ll try to take some better ones later. Still, pretty cool I think :3

wow, i need this mod!

I think I took the best screenshot of my entire life today in HL2:EP2 (I was playing all the saga again to prepare my hands/keyboard’n’stuff for BM :slight_smile: )

Enjoy :

(Legit screenshot with NO hacks or cheats or mod, try to guess how I did this ^^)

New Thread, New Pics, Nice.

I’ve been playing with Explosions:

that is awesome!! haha

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