No reloading sounds with custom animations.

I’m currently using “Black Mesa Animation Revamp” in a .vpk on the steam release of black mesa, and all the sounds are there, but the sounds for reloading aren’t playing. can i get some help please?

Don’t know for sure, but it’s likely due to the fact that the steam release has many differences, i’d bet file structure has been altered in some areas and that could be a possible cause. Also did you do the thing where you add the lines to the weapon_sounds_manifest.txt? If not, its right there on the gamebanana page and that would most definitely cause a lack of sounds.

This make me think, is possible convert to a .vpk the Surface Tension Uncut and On a Rail Uncut?

I don’t want to wait the workshop release.

Don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be possible, not sure if all the files will be in the correct paths due to any possible structure changes in the steam release but i’d say its worth a shot.

Unless you have permission from Chon/textfamguy I would advise you not to. It’s his mod and he has outlined his reasons for why it hasn’t been released and what his plans are. Please respect his rights as creator of them to release them when he is ready.

Oh, I’m sorry, I really don’t know.
To be honest, just came back now active ( so much that I forgot the password and the old e- mail from my old account , Lestat_cv ) and not read some topics , such as Textfamguy reason have not made the port of STU and OARU, I’m reading this right now

Besides, I just would test it for my own use the old versions, not release for anyone else , was more a technical curiosity than action itself.

I found out how to get on a rail uncut beta mod from modb to work with Black mesa early access. First download the mod then open the rar file. Take the materials and models folder out of the rar file and back them up. Then delete them out of the rar file. Take the files out of the rar file and make a folder called on rail part 1 (the name doesn’t matter) put them in a folder than make it into a vpk. Then take the materials and models and put them into a folder and name it on a rail part2 then make it into a vpk and install it in the addons folder. That’s it the mod seems to work after doing these steps. It took me awhile to figure out how to do this but it works in the end. Hopefully this will help people and will also get this mod on the workshop sooner.

English good write pls.

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