New Multiplayer Map: dm_lost_base_bm (Quake/Unreal style)

Map: dm_lost_base_bm (Final)
:!: Download Link:

Hey, I’ve been a Source Engine Mapper for over 10 years now and I think I’ve made something special. :slight_smile:
This is my sci-fi map inspired by the classic Quake and Unreal Games. I’ve been working on this map for about 6 months now on and off, I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.
Feel free to host on your public servers and check back in the future for map updates.

Jump Pads
Speed Ramp
Speed Ladders
Trap Room
Healing Station
Automatic Ground Shield
hologram rotating weapons and ammo
Blue Light Bridge
Double Jump Lifts

Power Ups[/size]
Low Grav
Speed (With Sprite Trail)
Drone (A drone will attach to the player and slowly heal plus shield)
125HP Health Booser
Large Suit Armour
Small Health Vials

Map Gameplay Video[/size]

RC1 - Map Release

One last video XD

Working on a few minor updates for this map and bug fixes.
Plus Just added this model (I edited the size, added a animation and changed the colour slightly)

RC2 - Map Release
Download Link:

  • Fixed a texture that shouldn’t have Nodraw on it.
  • The Keypad will now only need the right code one time only per match. (The door will stay open)
  • Highly improved the speed ramp script.
  • Added a trail sprite effect to the speed ramp (enables when the player uses the ramp).
  • The first aid wall Health station will charge the player to 125hp max even if the player has 100hp.
  • Added a Earth holo model that I modified.
  • Added some glowing sprites to health and suit chargers.
  • Removed the glowing GTA sign and replace it something else more fitting. (Map file size smaller to)
  • Added a special secret animated sprite outside the base arena.
  • Power-ups now have sprite text above them.
  • Plus other minor improvements and bug fixed

I was nice enough to pack the Source VMF into the map to for learning :wink:

Mini Jump Ramp test (AddOutput basevelocity) - No Push Triggers

Anyone found the moving UFO? :rolleyes:

I’ve got music creator “Marcus Unlimited” to voice the map Welcome sound. (Awesome voice) 8)

New Feature XD

Use all jump pads to trigger

RC3 - Map Release - (Possibly the Final Map Version.)[/size]
Download Link: [/size]

  • Fixed the respawning sprites from overlapping over some ammo boxes.
  • Fixed the steam effect not respawning for two batteries items.
  • Fixed a very minor graphical bug on the Automatic Ground Shield.
  • Fixed a very minor graphical bug for a sprite that was glowing through world geometry.
  • Added a feature that spawns the faster player on respawn/death
  • Added respawning text sprite for powerups. (slow flashing effect)
  • Added deploy sound for turrets on map load.
  • Added new mini jump ramp that sends the player to the Gluon weapon. (basevelocity 50 -90 275)
  • Added faster player fall for the underground teleport. (basevelocity 0 0 -600)
  • Added a large blood decal on the floor.
  • Added Crouch temporary disabled text to speed jump ramp feature.
  • Added hexagon shield effect to the Crossbow Tower glass window.
  • Added a new Jump Pad above a lift.
  • Added Welcome voice sound that plays over the sci-fi theme music with text scan effect.
  • Added Nodraw to a few areas the player can’t see.
  • Added Pancake quake sound effect with question mark sprite texture to hint where to trigger it.
  • Added Holy shit quake sound effect.
  • Added a light model next to the crossbow tower ladder.
  • Changed the lighting colour for a spraking light strip model.
  • Changed the Rotate player teleport destination for the Healing Station tower.
  • Changed 3 lights that were prop_dynamic to prop_static.
  • Changed func_tow_mp ammo count from 128 to 64 and added sprite text and sounds when there is no ammo left.
  • Player will auto jump from Healing Station after teleported. (basevelocity 0 -90 270)
  • Adjustments to the jump pad that changes the player facing rotation using a teleport.
  • Adjustments to the Automatic Ground Shield green and red sprite lights.
  • Adjustments to some textures that looked solid black because of the lighting (e.g. under lifts etc).
  • Adjustments to texture colour on the side of the lifts.
  • Adjustments to green metal trim texture around the platforms (Now more High Res)
  • Removed block light tool textures from 4 doorways. (Improved door lighting)
  • Recompiled stock model called transformer_single.mdl and improved the texture detail for it.
  • Map File size 1MB smaller (I removed some packed textures that were not used)
  • Converted 4 brushes to models using propper pluggin.

I was nice enough to pack the Source VMF into the map to for learning :stuck_out_tongue: [attach=5261,none,1920][/attach]

I’ve had some free time today and now got the final map up on the steam workshop

Ported the map to Half Life 2 Deathmatch with improved features. :stuck_out_tongue:

Map Gameplay Video (HL2DM)[/size]

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