New Deathmatch Map: Midplane

If you’ve played Black Mesa multiplayer over the last week, you may have noticed my server running the map DM_MIDPLANE. I’m looking for map feedback and advice. This map takes place along a cliff overlooking a desert vista, similar to crossfire, with the top area stylized as the Surface Tension chapter, and the lower areas stylized as Lambda Bunker or the outside areas of Stalkyard. Thank you![/size]

Top area: There’s a silo to the right, a hanger/storage building/marine base-like building to the far back left. The tower in the middle could be a radio tower or an open room with a player-clipped area reaching the skybox. On the other side of the fence in the back is an instant-death minefield. All other buildings are storage or work areas, surrounded by sand.

Lower area: An office is to the left. I haven’t decided whether the ground will be sand or concrete, possibly a combination.



At the map’s current state, I have a few questions that hopefully some veteran mappers can help me with:[/size]

How should I approach detailing this map?[/size]
I can decompile multiplayer maps to use as references, but some advice would help.

Is there anything structurally/architecturally wrong with this map?[/size]
Such as hallways and doorways being too large, or badly placed cover.

Is the building set-up/model setup correctly?[/size]
IE, that vent on the roof of the first picture doesn’t go there in real life.

If you need to see it for yourself, I can boot up my server on request. Thanks! :thumbup: [/size]

Looks great!

Thanks! I’ll post updates soon

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