Need To Register to Search Forums? WTF?

So since I registered an account on here to search for instructions on how to make Gordon not jump like an infant (nice going there, by the way), I figured I’d make a thread complaining about having to register for yet another forum I’m going to use like once (I guess this is twice) just to search for something.

I don’t want to register for your forum. I just want to find a solution to my problem, and any future problems. Stop wasting people’s time by forcing them to make an account here that they’ll forget about in an hour just to figure out how to fix something in your intentionally-broken mod. If you’re worried about people spamming the search bar then add a time restriction.

Good day.

Now, I have never seen someone this angry about creating an account.
The “intentionally-broken mod” part is funny, though.

Yes, patman64, you need to calm down a little before you do any further posting. I think you’ve provided some useful feedback though. If only you had done it more civilly. :slight_smile:

And besides Mr Smartypants, you can simply use Google to search for topics on the publicly viewable part of the forums. And now that you’re here, you are able to access the REAL black mesa forums (Raminator’s Ladies club) that nobody that’s too lazy to register should know about. You should be proud of yourself son.

i have already know about it and Now, I have never seen someone this angry about creating an account.i agreed and sty with you

Oh God, what is with these necroposters the last weeks…

Yeah, this doesn’t need to stay open.

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