need some help with setting up deathamtch on my map

looking to figure out what is needed to set up deathmatch on my map i do not know what i am missing can anyone tell me the necessary steps to making a DM type map? or rather setting up the logic for MP maps?

for those interested i am making a death match map of WGH map01 (i am aware the BMS team is really close to the limit on this map already culled a large amount of entitys/npcs)

if i am lacking coherency sorry bout that when i wake up i will re edit this

It doesn’t require anything particularly special, apart from info_player_deathmatch where the players will spawn. Make sure you have at least 16 spawns to prevent spawncamping/killing or just bad spawns in general. Then just make sure there’s a good distribution of items and whatnot - all the standard DM stuff for any game, really.

hmm question would WGH have anyting specific that would make the map crash BMS? i am modifying the first WGH map thought i got all the SP specific logic

hmm havinga wierd issue with modifying my map for some reason when i start it up it “softcrashes BMS.exe” where the exe is no where to be seen on the desktop or in the task manager the gameoverlay.exe is missing but it will say that i am still in BMS

ok compiling the wgh map 1 from source vmfs in the folder crashes the game if it is renamed after compiling the vmf in map src

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Anyhow, there is currently a bug in BMS that you need to launch a map with HDR (lighting) once when starting it.
So either load one of the official maps and then load your map or compile your map once in hdr and load it.

I made a very small map with HDR for people to use so they don’t have to bother with it, just launch it once BMS is started.


thanks i was modifying WGH and the game will crash when these settings are not checked in this order

1 RUN BSP -normal

2 RUN VIS - normal

3 RUN RAD -normal

and with HDR if any of those are unchecked the map fails to load and soft crashes

also sorry bout the double post i forget that fourms differ from IRC like clients

alsoe cubemaps seem to have some effect with this when i started using cubemaps i need to use the above mentioned settings

Try my solution:

Load the map HD map, then compile your map without lighting on it (RAD).
Always run BSP and VIS on normal.

And then run your map. Shouldn’t crash.
And make sure you have no leaks in it.

verifyed that there is no leaks seems that the BMS hammer is finicky
hope that it is fixed in the next update/made more stable

Be sure to make any physics props in the level into prop_physics_multiplayer to avoid errors during runtime.

I have no problems with crashes on my maps, so it’s on your end.

alright on a different note is there any good resources for BMS specific entitys? looked around and not seen very much helpful information

Click on the help button when selecting an entity or just ask here which ones you’re wondering about.

ok so i need some help

what does xen_portal perform? i have been looking for some FX for when i teleport a player in my map make a xen portal like headcrabs that teleport in

there is not anything under help box

if this entiy is the wrong one to use for what i intend then i ask what eentity is the correct one to use

Just an env_xen_portal with no npc set.

hmm is it able to hook it up so that when a player teleports that goes off?

it has no name parameter

Hey, I also have some questions regarding setting up a multiplayer deathmatch map.

When running the map from hammer, what commands can I use to run the map in multiplayer mode, rather than singleplayer mode?

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