Moon Sprite In Black Mesa?

Ive picked up level design again with black mesa and im designing a night time map kinda like the final map on “On A Rail” Im wondering how to change the Sun Sprite to a Moon Sprite

You can’t change env_sun to look like the moon, however, if you create an info_particle_system with the ‘Particle System Name’ value set to oar_nightsky_moon (And have it start active, of course!) and place that in your map’s 3D skybox, you’ll get the same beautiful moon as On A Rail had.

EDIT: Just uh, make sure the info_particle system is way above the map, because it’s pretty bloody massive, even in full map scale instead of the standard 1/16th -

Kind of looks like it belongs in Termina.

Yeah, that moon looks pretty beastly.

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