Metal remix of "We've Got Hostiles" - celebrating the Xen beta!

Hi, I’m Björn, I’m a musician and audio engineer. Among other things I produce metal remixes of video game music on my YouTube channel. I love the Half-Life series and have remixed a couple of tracks from the HL2 OST already. When the devs here recently announced the Xen beta, I was super excited and wanted to celebrate the event with a remix from the Black Mesa OST, which I hadn’t touched so far. When I planned out the remix, I unfortunately wasn’t aware how imminent the release of the Xen soundtrack was, so I picked “We’ve Got Hostiles” from the 2012 OST.

Forward a couple of weeks to today, where I’ve release “COTERMINOUS” on YouTube and SoundCloud. Check it out, if you like, and let me know what you think!

Also, the Xen soundtrack is so friggin’ good. Joel outdid himself. Would it be low-hanging fruit to remix Shadows of Death as well? Because it’s already pretty … metal already, if you know what I mean?



Damn good dude :+1:
It’s definitely like a DOOM version of the song haha.

Hey, thanks! Yes, I think it’s fair to say that Mick Gordon is a role model for me.

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