Massive Bug/Glitch Report

Hello dear developers! Below I will present you a lot of bugs and flaws to fix.

My system requirements:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)
  • AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.7 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 750
  • Version of game: 1.0, the last public beta

Common bugs:

  • Russian translation of the game is terrible, you need to make a translation from the Steam community.

  • When you enable/disable V-Sync during the game, the flashlight stops working. After loading everything is ok.

  • In Earth levels, when switching to another map, they write landing jets, and this is a feature of Xen.

  • With the new menu, weapons don’t get dirty.

  • First Aid kits are transferred between cards, but then the character can’t use them.

  • Some barnacles don’t have their tongues hanging out. Also the tongues of dead barnacles can twitch.

  • NPC`s on the stairs move with jerky animation.

  • If the hat is spawn and given the appropriate priorities, it can’t be picked up after saving/loading.

  • Do not break the mugs and some monitors. This was most likely done for performance reasons?

  • Sometimes soldiers or the vortigaunts can not see the player, although it is close.

  • If you pull out the stand on which they are located from under some TVs, the TV will hang in the air.

  • It is very difficult to carry objects on hanging ladders.

  • In the chapter Residue Processing, for some reason, the factory and waste water doors were replaced with static ones.

  • When you run with a pizza, it can fall out of your hands when you throw it forward and then pick it up.
    It’s very annoying when someone chases you.

  • In Xen, some surfaces have a gloss.

  • In Xen, many places don’t have collisions for items and so they can get lost in textures.

  • In Xen, in some places, the sound of the portal does not work, or it is somehow muted.

  • In Xen no snarks nests to be picked up.

  • Need to add the energy of running and flashlight in some places.

  • Need to add the corpses of office workers in Office Complex, not just doctors and security guards.

  • Need to add the corpses of workers in On a Rail, not just doctors.

  • Need to add a Vent mod in chapter We`ve Got Hostiles.

  • Need to add On a Rail Uncut and Loop mod.

  • Need to add Hazard Course.

  • Need to add Uplink mod in Forget About Freeman chapter.

  • Need to add a survival mode to the game on the Xen map after the player rejects G-Man’s offer.

Anomalous Materials

map bm_c1a0b

  • In the test chamber near the power button of the spectrometer the image on the monitor is bifurcated.

Unforseen Consequences

map bm_c1a1c

  • In the place, where the zombie climbs out of the hatch, if you squeeze and throw the hat through the door on the other side,
    then after a sortie from this hatch, the hat can not be picked up.

Office Complex

map bm_c1a2c

  • In the refrigerator, you can move the bridge on which you need to go further into the wall.
  • At the end invisible vortigonts may appear near the elevator and then stand and talk.
  • The achievement “Our Brains And Your Brawn” doesn’t work correctly - when everyone is gathered and the enemies are killed,
    the achievement may not count. To do this, you need to load the last save from the menu, quick save does not achieve.

We`ve Got Hostiles

map bm_c1a3a

  • The achievement “Kinetic Repulsion” doesn’t work correctly, you need to load the save from the menu.
  • The noise of the working turrets can be heard very far away.
  • Near the door to the missile silo the image of the silo door on the monitor is forked.

map bm_c1a3b

  • Sometimes fallen turrets throw or injure the player, if you run over them.

map bm_с1а3с

  • Near the hangar at the beginning the brightness level on the street depends on the flying helicopter.

Blast Pit

map bm_c1a4a

-If you put the hat on the elevator leading to the tracks, it can fall through the floor and you can’t get it out of there.

map bm_c1a4b

-If you quickly run near the tentacles, the guard shooting at the monster can stay alive and stand still until we burn the monster,
then it is also set on fire and remains alive.

map bm_c1a4e

-After killing the tentacles and descending to the green waste, there is a box on the ledge near the first-aid kits,
which is not easy to reach. In this box you need to put loot.

Power Up

map bm_c2a1a

  • If you sit in a guard booth and Gargantua comes close to us, then his hands will pass through the wall.
    Also his hands pass through any walls in this place.
  • Near the guardhouse the bridge may not collapse.

On a Rail

map bm_c2a2a

  • When approaching the puzzle with lowering the bridge, the top crawls unkillable through the grid of zombie.
  • Sounds of working turrets can be heard very far away.

map bm_c2a2b

  • On the stairs near the rocket it is very difficult to carry a hat.
  • If you put the hat at the bottom of the rocket and lift the rocket up, the hat will disappear at the top.
    It is necessary to add the possibility that the hat does not disappear, but lies there until the next map.

map bm_c2a2c

  • Before we are attacked by a grenade launcher, the soldiers on the trolley may not appear if they run on foot. Soldiers can also drive very fast.
  • Need to make a door that leads us to the street to the rocket re-opened, otherwise you can see the unfinished soldiers through it.
  • Near the rocket game has low fps, when you go down to the soldiers.
  • If you go out to the rocket and immediately run into the open hatch of the mission control center, then there will be invisible soldiers
    below with machine guns in the air, who do not respond to us. There are also invisible enemies in the soldiers’ bunker.
  • Near the rocket, near the soldier`s bunker with a machine gun are not taken by the player satchels with explosives.
  • The machine gun in the soldier’s bunker only works one way.

Residue Processing

map bm_c2a4a

  • After the utilizer, the bull’s skull is not picked up - it gets stuck in the ground.
  • After the utilizer on the street, when the headcrabs appear, black stripes appear on the ground.
  • Many cylinders inside the plant do not explode.
  • At the factory, after taking the gun, at the bottom of the stairs near the first aid kits, 2 headcrabs can be in the air, if they jump on the player.

map bm_c2a4c

  • On the factory conveys, when taking Magnum cartridges that hang on the platform, there may be a low fps.

Questionable Ethics

map bm_c2a4e

  • Do not break TV sets on the walls with a crowbar.

map bm_c2a4f

  • In a place with trip mines and grants in capsules sometimes spontaneous detonation of mines occurs.
  • The achievements “Universal Gravitation” and “Futile Resistance” do not work correctly. You need to load save from the menu.

map bm_c2a4g

  • In a secret location under the stairs sometimes many graffiti and traces of blood on the walls may be missing.
  • With a small number of tau-cannon cartridges the gun does not overheat.
  • The achievement “Ethically Questionable” do not correctly, since the third experience is to kill bullsquid.
    You need to load save from the menu. The same applies to the poisoning of the headcrabs and turn on the laser.

surface Tension

map bm_c2a5a

  • At the very beginning of the chapter, when you leave the hangar, after killing soldiers, they can appear again if you open/close the hangar door.
  • On a dam, if you look down on the water, it can change the transparency depending on the viewing angle. This is if you approach/move away from the edge.
  • Helicopter missiles do not blow up cars (except Humvee on the bridge).
  • After the dam, if you simultaneously carry a hat and pizza and go with them into the loading pipes,
    then one of these items may disappear, you need to carry it very carefully.

map bm_c2a5b

  • In a place where a lot of houndeyes up, sometimes in the cache (where the soldier) missing a headcrab and supplies.
  • Not taken up the bodies of the headcrabs (they used to be able to clear minefields).

map bm_с2а5с

  • When we leave the tube and walk through the mountains, the turret is only at the beginning, when loading it disappears.
  • In the canyon, the corpses and the weapons that fell into the abyss of ridiculous lying at the bottom of the map, and it would be better gone.

map bm_с2а5f

  • The achievement “Centripetal Attraction” does not work correctly. You need to load save from the menu.
  • A helicopter in a place, where a tank will appear later, can land soldiers in the air.
  • When a tank appears and needs to be shot from a stationary gun, its projectiles appear absurdly out of the air when used.

map bm_c2a5g

  • After the battle with the tank is very long loading. At the beginning of the next map, the vortigonts may not spawn in front of the gun
    and have to be called on themselves. Some vortigaunts can not see the player.
  • In the parking lot on the top floor, where there are a lot of zombies, if they all blow up with explosives,
    then the body parts of one of them will remain hanging in the air.
  • At the top of the parking lot, the fps is low when you come to the edge where the battle is.
    Also, if you look at the top of the far boxes on the right near the gate, they are not visible, if you look with a zoom, they appear.
  • After the soldiers shoot the ventilation, there is a stationary machine gun on the street, which is very weak.
  • When vortigonts blow up the fuel truck, the game has a low fps. Further, the room can also be low fps.

map bm_c2f5h

  • When we see a battle on the street and the alien aircraft destroys the tank, the game has a low fps.
  • Near the hangar with planes in the guard booth you can take a first aid kit and a shotgun through the wall.
  • In the hangar, where we run with the guard, you can get stuck forever, if the guard first runs out into the street.
    It is necessary to make the door open after a second visit to the hangar, or in the place where we fall into the hatch after snipers install a ladder.

map bm_c2f5i

  • If you saved during the escape from Gargantua, the game crashes when loading.
  • When escaping Gargantua sometimes may not run after the player for a while.
  • It is very difficult to carry a hat and a pizza at the same time and run away from Gargantua - the pizza falls out of your hands when running.

Forget about Freeman

map bm_c3a1b

  • After the big gears and going to the surface where the tank is, if you pull the hat and pizza up at the same time, one of these items will disappear.
  • The tank is not able to destroy the truck near the place where we got out, and the booth near the entrance to the bunker.

Lambda Core

map bm_c3a2c

  • After turning on all the lights and going to the last part in front of the reactor, where there are many grants, going to them and running out again,
    their hands can pass through the closed doors.

map bm_c3a2d

  • If you run this map through the console, the game will not give the player a suit and supplies.

map bm_c3a2f

  • The wire bottom of the reactor under water has no collision for objects and they fall to nowhere.

map bm_c3a2g

  • If you go down before the teleports to the place where you can see moving platforms through the window, the game may have a low fps.
  • In Lambda teleports, if you carry items through the teleports, they can get stuck on the platforms and it will be impossible to lift them.
  • Jumping with objects in teleports is very difficult - objects fly off to the side . I passed this place with noclip.
  • You can get stuck in the teleport, if you throw in an item, and then teleport behind him.
  • The Lambda teleporter cannot teleport at the same time the hat and the pizza, one of the objects disappear.
  • In the last teleport before the base of supply the hat disappears.

map bm_с3а2h

  • Before the base supply lasers cannons too sharp twitch followed by the player.
  • Some TVs in the supply base don’t break.


map bm_c4a1a

  • In Xen, not all protozones are counted in the achievement “Prolific Popper”, you need to load the save from the menu.

map bm_c4a1b

  • After leaving the laboratory and connecting the electricity, if the hat falls on the stones near the door, it is lost in the textures of the stones.
  • After opening the door and starting avatar, zombie HEV lies next to a live tree and makes sounds as if he is alive.
    Also, it doesn’t always explode if you blow it up.
  • Under the water the Xen sky is a completely different color.
  • Bullsquid acid on the ground can be with a curved stretched texture.

map bm_c4a1b1

  • In a tree, in a place where there are many mines, they can spontaneously detonate.
  • When you hold an object in the Xen, the large leaves are blue.
  • After the tree and the triple closed sheets, if you carry the item, in the place where the bullsquid was at the top there will be a black stone texture.
  • When we first meet a large houndeye, if you carry an object, it is ridiculously reflected on the entire surface of the
    flowing water when the flashlight is turned on.
  • In a place where a lot of houndeyes, if their corpses fall into the abyss, they will be ridiculous to lie at the bottom, and it would be better to disappear.

map bm_c4a1c

  • When you first see the island from the first part of Half Life, then when you drive the sight on the rocks
    near the island sometimes visible the dark lines of sight is.
  • After the room with many underwater barnacles if you throw items into the pit with the boot closer to your lake,
    the gas will emit a splash of water, although there is air, and the pizza and slepa will fly in the air and not to lift them.

map bm_с4а1с1

  • After inclusion of the first crystal on the island heard an annoying repetitive sound throughout the area.
    This sound is made by the xenovian lantern after the second crystal.

Gonarch’s Lair

map bm_c4a2a

  • In the beginning of the chapter the items with the silly flashlight reflected in the running water.
  • If you start to throw the gas falls, then it is impossible to pick up, items can pass through the texture of the stones.
  • The achievement “Gonad Glider” is obtained not first time.
  • After the first fight with Gonarch on the battlefield can remain nestitherapy green clot Gonarch.
  • The title of the chapter appears not since the beginning of the map, and when we wrestled the first time with Gonarch.

map bm_с4а2b

  • In the beginning of the map items is silly affect the entire surface of the water and without flashlight too.
  • The achievement “Post-Mortem Interval” does not work correctly, you need to load the save from the menu.
  • Green Gonarch blobs may remain when loading a save.
  • When you fly to the other side of the canyon, there are a lot of burning cobwebs in the box do not take the signal lights.
  • When we blow up crystals, and Gonarch should run after us, sometimes he does not run immediately, but stands still and itches.
  • When we blow the crystal on the head of the Gonarch, the water is closer to its surface in orange color.
  • At the end of the map in toxic waters, if you throw items into a pit they hang in the air as if they are in water.

map bm_c4a2c

  • At the beginning of the map items are stupidly reflected in the water with a flashlight.
  • In one of the caves you can see how fast headcrabs rise through the air and then hang in place.
  • When it is necessary to blow up crystals to raise water, objects do not rise with the water, but remain at the same level.
  • In a cave where you need to raise water, the textures of stones around the cave are transparent to the player.
  • Gonarch on the second phase, when we fall down, can get stuck in the column and become invulnerable to the player.
  • Not working correctly: “Unquestionably Ethical” and “Doctor’s Signature”. You need to load save from the menu.


map bm_c4a3a

  • At the beginning of the map the corals have a transparent texture for the player.
  • You need to return the third tentacle to its place, otherwise it is too easy to run past the other two.
  • When the controllers first appear the game has a low fps.
  • The achievement “Anti-Matter Over Mind” does not work correctly, you need to load the save from the menu.
  • After the first battle with the controllers from above, you can see two grants in the distance,
    in the place where Gargantua goes when we exit the elevator after the battle.
  • If you leave items on the waterfall at the end of the map, they will fly in the air.

map bm_c4a3a1

  • At the beginning of the map, items fly on the waterfall if left there.
  • The achievement “Black Mesa Decathlon Winner” must be completed at a time, otherwise it does not work.
  • It’s very difficult to carry a hat and a pizza at the same time and run away from Gargantua.
  • After escaping from monsters, items hang foolishly above the surface of the water. And at the entrance to the factory, too.
    Near the factory, the hat generally flies up if you let it go.
  • At the end of the map inside the beginning of the factory items also hang in the air or fly up to the ceiling.

map bm_c4a3b

  • At the beginning of the map items fly on the current water.
  • You need to make sure that the ventilation sucks in objects.
  • In the very first ventilation, the player with the pizza may get stuck, and at this point the game may crash.
  • If you go back to the beginning of the first ventilation with a noclip, the textures disappear if you turn back.
  • If you go back to the second ventilation on our way with the noclip, it will not suck the player in.
  • If you jump down after the second ventilation, the air flows from this ventilation are visible through the wall.
  • You need to make a green wall between the first ventilation and the bottom of the plant exploding barrels, for the convenience of dragging objects.
  • The achievement “PhD in Pacifism” does work not correctly, starting at the second point. You need to load save from the menu.

map bm_c4a3b1

  • After riddles with plugs and sockets on water streams objects fly in the air.
  • It’s quite difficult to carry a hat and a pizza at the same time.

map bm_c4a3b2

  • After the appearance of bold grants, when you go down to the water through the pipe, you can see that there is a flashing orange veil over the water,
    if you walk back and forth.
  • Discharges from green crystals pass through the floor when viewed from below.
  • After the green crystals, when we enter the green room with pizza, there is a red blinking at the bottom.
  • After the green crystals, when we enter the green room light, there is a flashing of green fog,
    and after going up and down again - there is no fog in this room.
  • When you visit the grant recycler again, they stop falling from the top to waste.

map bm_c4a3c

  • If the hat is placed near the treatment booth where the first alien barrels are found, then it is impossible to pick it up later.
  • Barrels on feed conveyors may get stuck near the end of the conveyors.
  • At the very bottom, where ichthyosaurs and bullskids are, bullskids’ spittle can remain on the surface of the water in the form of balls.
  • At the very bottom, also near the teleport under water, there is a zone where the oxygen meter is not displayed.
    After diving into normal water there is immediately a lack of oxygen.
  • When we turn on the second teleport from above, the lowest teleport stops making a sound when teleporting.
  • Where you need to climb up the door (before the trap with lasers), you can jam the door if you go up with an object.
    After that the barrels get stuck on the conveyors.

map bm_c4a3c2

  • The hat bounces off the alien controls.
  • Where you need to climb up the door, you can jam the door if you climb it with an object.
    Then the barrels will start to get stuck and grants may come out of them.
  • In a place where there are 3 doors to choose from, the game has a low fps when meeting with controllers (left and right pass).
  • If you kill all vortigonts in the second door, then new ones will come out of the door, but the game will have a very low fps, even after loading.
    Then the game crashes with an error : ED_Alloc: no free edicts.
  • The water near the disabling hearts is clear, although it is cloudy above.
  • Near the last jump up to where the 3 doors in the medical cabinet of the hat can jump out by itself.
  • At the top near 8 kickers objects jump to the ground.
  • Achievement “Laser Immunization” need to go without saving for once, it won’t work.
  • Fly up with the hat and the pizza is impossible, one of the objects disappear.

map bm_c4a3d

  • Throughout the map in battles with monsters the game has a very low fps.
  • If you die while ruining the shields, the game may crash.

map bm_c4a3d1

  • Where people hang in flasks it is possible to blow them up or even nail them with a crossbow.
  • In the same place it is possible to go into the flasks themselves.
  • In the same place, the extreme flask with the Professor shines through on some apparatus.


map bm_c4a4a

  • On Nihilanth the game music is very quiet.
  • It’s a pity that teleportation attacks were removed.
  • The achievement “Specimen GG” doesn’t work correctly. You need to load save from the menu.

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