[Linux] Game Crashes after altering graphical settings

I’m running on Arch Linux, and have an AMD Radeon 5600XT. Whenever I try to alter the graphical settings in any way, the game crashes soon after I hit “apply”.

I have been unable to find any textual game logs, and I do not know where they are. Running the game from the command line also proved unsuccessful. As such, I can’t provide those logs for you. However, I was able to get a coredump. The issue is a segfault somewhere in the UI code, and that’s really about all I can say because I don’t know anything else.

Minidump isn’t a thing on Linux, so I can’t give you one. I can, however, give you my coredump. Presumably, you have a copy of the executable with debugging symbols, which would render it useful. You can find it here

I am aware that my system configuration is unsupported, and that you don’t have any obligation to help me. I understand if you can’t resolve the issue, but am appreciative of any help you can give me.

Thank you.

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