Is the pre disaster project still being updated?

idk if this is the right place but i noticed that most pre disaster maps had not been updated since 2018. also the WGH pre disaster doesn’t work so yeah. i hope they’re still working on it.

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Me and Admiral Sakai are still kicking, just very slowly.

Sprocket said a while ago that he was focused on IRL stuff, I’m assuming that’s still the case.

ArcHammer and Magmatic I have no clue.
If I had to guess, ArcHammer is tied up IRL, and Magmatic left the project.

ok thanks for clarifying

Yeah, I’m still busy IRL, uni has taken top priority and I’ve been left with, well, not much free time to work on this kind of stuff. Getting over a serious case of burnout from pushing myself on a map that may or may not get released too, so I got that to deal with

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