Interloper - Player trapped if plugs used out of order or plug dropped

I found a couple of bugs in Interloper that I couldn’t see previously reported. They occur after you are sucked through a vent into a 2-level room containing Vortigaunts on the lower level, a lift at the left-hand end of the room, and a spinny thing at the right-hand end of the room (bad description I know, I’ve attached a screenshot of getpos and status - couldn’t figure out how to copy the info to the clipboard.)

The first bug causes the player to get trapped if they unplug the plugs in the wrong order, and can be reproduced by the following steps:

  1. Enter the room, and take the lift to the right into the underfloor vents. Reconnect the plugs down here as usual, then continue up the lift into the rotating machine at the other end of the room.
  2. Instead of unplugging the plug in the rotating machine, leave it plugged in.
  3. The lift at the other end of the room does not move, meaning the player can be trapped on the lower floor if they fall down.

The second bug causes one of the plugs to become unreachable.

  1. Unplug the plug inside the rotating machine.
  2. Accidentally drop it down the edge of said rotating machine. It hangs down into the lower level of the machine and cannot be brought back up.

Both bugs trap the player in the room, making it impossible to continue without reloading an earlier save or using console commands. There’s an autosave at the beginning of the room, so it’s unlikely to present a major problem to most players, but I figured I’d report it anyway (I was dumb enough to stumble into both of them by accident, so I guess others might be as well).

Both bugs are demonstrated in the linked video:

Hope this is of use.

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