​IMPORTANT: Performance Fix for Day One

We’re aware of a few performance issues related to some of the settings in the options menu. We’ll be working on a fix for these soon in an upcoming patch.

Extreme Framerate Drops & Stuttering:[/size]
You can try a couple of things if you have stuttering or poor FPS:

From the main menu go to “Options,” click the “Black Mesa” tab, and uncheck the four boxes under “Performance.”

These options are called “Enable DLight Manager”, “Enable Muzzleflash DLight”, and “Enable Battery DLight”.

Possible Full Bright/No Lighting Fix:[/size]
Make sure if you are using a laptop your dedicated video card is being used.

Control Panel > NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Add bms.exe > Select Dedicated graphics card (field 2).

You can also try:

Find ‘autoexec’.cfg in SteamApps/common/Black Mesa/bms/cfg and open this file with Notepad

Add the following lines to this file:

mat_dxlevel 95
mat_fullbright 0
mat_hdr_level 2

Save the file and launch the game to see if this fixes your issue.

We are extremely sorry for the hiccups, we’ll be rolling out additional patches for some of the other issues as quickly as possible over the next few days. Thanks for your patience!

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