[idea] Classic BM-style menu?

I’m just curious, would it be possible for someone to animate the Black Mesa title in the same way that the HL WON menu displayed the game title, and turn that into a texture? - and then create a background map that has the camera in front of a brush using that texture, to create the illusion of a 1998 HL1-styled menu?

Given the time I could probably make the animated texture, though I’m not sure how I would get in game to do this.

Fuck me, I want that.

Start the presses…

Would be great if we could choose between classic menu and BM menu

This is not possible! Thank you, Source 2007!

I like the idea very much! Good luck with implementing it, I’m sure you’ll find a way.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to implement, or at least emulate in some way.

It was done in HL2 leak, so it’s possible, I guess

How was it done in HL2 leak? All there was in the menu was a background picture.

not possible, the source 2007 puts that mode automatically
and HL2 beta was just on an early 2006 engine, so that was scrapped
besides, as Bloodshot said, it’s just a menu with a background picture

The jump in the animation is because this doesn’t have all the frames - and it should play faster as well.


Could you add it to the loading screen before you start a game have the loading bar fill in front of this would be better and keep the new menus… Then it would be like the best of both?

Instead of loading it would say “processing”

But it’s good I like it

Hell the fuck yes. Make that smoother and I’m in entirely in favor of this. We’ll have time to see menu backgrounds when we’re ingame :slight_smile:

It actually is pretty smooth while I’m editing it, just uploading it to imgshack slows it down.

@Ronster that wouldn’t be possible, since HL2 fades to black on loading screens I believe.

GoldenEye: Source v4.2 includes ;

BOTS - full featured running on Python AI
Team radar colors and standardized blip colors
Loading screen images with tips
Overhead Team icons
Full-screen help display for advanced scenarios
Brand new character selection screen
Recoded Capture The Key focusing on teamplay
New Ourumov model
Gamemode customizable weaponset selections
Create server menu for easier LAN and single play
Python enhanced for custom scripting
Over 50 music tracks from 3 talented artists
Overhauled Runway, Caverns, Facility, Backzone and classic maps

So it can be done :slight_smile:


"Loading Screens are one of our lesser talked about new features of 4.2. We felt these were an important addition to the game, not only to provide some eye candy during the loading process but also to provide some gameplay tips that will help new players.

Whilst the map is loading a gameplay tip is displayed in the space on the document page. This loading tip will be localized in the language that the player has selected to use."

Will it display as a GIF?

You could try to create several different backgrounds (.vtf; .vmt) and then somehow assign them to one chapter, to show the tips one-by-one.

Great work on the background Blood - I’ve been working on something similiar since I read the thread the first time, but I think I can drop this one, yours appears to be superior in every way. :slight_smile:

Well not possible in the sense that it’s something the BM mod team would have to change themselves (I can’t do it), and it would be a pretty pointless waste of time for them to do.

I’m almost done with the animation, but I also changed the logo in the background image

well I think it would make the game a bit more slick so perhaps it’s a little something for the steam release…

I am sure the devs might like this idea it’s pretty simple and all the more nostalgia

anyway I like it

Perhaps different splats of blood, bullsquid spit, and yellow alien blood on different levels… Bullet holes… I don’t know get creative with it… or a mounted picture of the level under the animated logo

Do you honestly believe the devs have not considered this? I’m sure they have their reasons for using the HL2 style menu, continuity being one of them.

I think it would make for a good loading screen… Old skool and nu skool :slight_smile:

Here’s the final animation

Sorry again, playing it in the browser it is at a slower speed.

Anyone know how I would make it animate at the same speed that ImageReady plays it at?

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