I am now the proud owner of possibly the best thing ever


I and all three of my coworkers at the Medical Robotics & Computer Integrated Surgery Lab at Case Western Reserve University are graduating this semester, and I wanted commemorate our work there, so I made this poster.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with MLP, the quote and the general idea of this come from the Season 5 finale where, thanks to time-travel bullshit, Twilight Sparkle explores alternate futures where Equestria is taken over by each of the villains she previously defeated. In one of them, the pegasus character Rainbow Dash is shown sporting a cybernetic wing and just in general being an all-around badass:


It’s my single favorite episode of MLP of all time (the one that made me a brony, in fact), and I’m a huge Manhattan Project fanboy, and the research we were doing actually does relate to motor-computer interfaces and prosthetics (mostly in theoretical ways at first, although in the last month or so we have started working with actual surgeons and amputees), so this seemed to be a logical thing to put together.

Design by me, actual work by fellow engineer AmarthGul.

From left to right: Orhan Ozguner (PhD), Ran Hao (Master’s), Rainbow Dash (Wonderbolt), Thomas Shkurti (me, Master’s), and Siqi “Will” Huang (Master’s).

Our project website is so ancient nobody but Orhan is on it, although it does still contain good information on our general early areas of research.

Friendship is metal.

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Congrats on your graduation dude, best of luck to you in your future endeavors!


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