Help us make an awesome wiki!

Why hello there.

I’m here to announce something new. A beta of our new publicly accessible Black Mesa wiki.

It’s pretty empty at the moment, which is why I’m here. I’d like your help to fill this out and make it useful to yourselves and your fellow community members.

There’s a lot of information floating around here. You ask questions, we give answers, it happens every day. However, a lot of that information is hard to come across for the average Black Mesa Fan.

Think of this wiki as the ultimate ever-living always-growing FAQ, that you can help us build.

We plan to keep this beta status for a short time while we all work together to figure out how this wiki should work and what information best fits into it, and get through our inevitable growing pains.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to seeing what we can build together.


Isn’t it gonna be very hard to maintain the facts and filter the spam/trolls?

Anyway I haven’t edited a wiki before so I’m not really sure how it works.

Yeah, it’s possible to roll back changes from a user and ban users and IPs, etc.

So it hopefully won’t be too much harder than moderating the forums.

Don’t let the wiki format scare you. You can just hit the edit button and type in plain text if you want. There will be some people who are really good at formatting, and some who are good at gathering useful information and organizing it. This is a collaborative process! Every bit helps!

What is the use? is allready packed with info

Half-life and Black Mesa aren’t the same game.

There will be quite a few differences, and there are always tons of questions from you guys concerning those differences, as well as the details of what models we’ll use, what characters will appear, and countless other things.

yeah your right there. but is it enough to hold a wiki alive with a smal percentage of the fanbase who is willing to write it down? i would love to do it but my english is not that perfect.

to the contrary, I’ve already seen a number of posts here on the forums where people go to great lengths to record and re-iterate just about everything we’ve ever said or done publically. I’m giving them a place to keep that information and share it with others more easily.

Anyway, as I said earlier I consider this beta. If it turns out to be dead in the water, completely useless, impossible to manage, or anything of that sort then at least we tried.

This is a fantastic idea! I’m at work at the mo, posting from my phone, but the second I get back I’ll be trying my best to help.

So it will detail like Half-Life wiki? show us a link :wink:

Omg, i am so sorry, didn’t see it. O.o’

I am registering so that I can post something useful :retard:

I don’t think Fong should be allowed to edit the wiki if he can’t even find it.

Well I contributed a little, I made the voice acting page in SP section. Please edit or add anything to make this even better.

I have signed up to help out fill in any information I can find about the place, just out of interest in the main section there is an area called Characters, are we free to post information here based on the original game, and I presume we are not to include anything post half-life 1?

For exmaple we shouldn’t go into details from Half-life 2, correct?

I suspect people who have registered in the last two months aren’t really best placed to be filling in the Wiki anyway.

So once the mod’s released, you’ll take the wiki off beta and put up a link on the main linkbar thingy? The traffic to the wiki just might trickle down to the forums themselves. But I’m guessing you already thought of that, eh cman2k? :slight_smile:

Well, if you find any mistake or omission, you can always edit the page. So there is nothing to worry about, is there?

That is very true but there is a lot of background information regarding characters, levels, and other stuff like this which will need typing out by someone. To be honest nobody (general public) has actually played the game anyway so a lot of us are in a similar situation, but anyone with time and google can find information regarding interviews etc. Just trying to help out where I can.

Ok made the Co-op page, its kind of lacking, so is you have more information, just add it.

I just added brief summaries of the first 4 chapters after Hazard Course. :wink:

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