HECU Zombie Creation

Is anyone doing this? An HECU zombie with the same attack animations as the regular zombie would make a great addition to many chapters, including On A Rail, Surface Tension and Forget About Freeman.


this section is for things being created by the community

not for asking if the community is creating things

Ah, bro. I leapt at this thinking it to be a real thing.

Would be great wouldn’t it? The reason why I created this thread was to highlight the need to create a new zombie, which would enrich the Black Mesa experience. Too many people are wasting their time with community projects that have zero chance of getting integrated into the mod (e.g. replacing sound files with ones from HL, replacing weapons with the ones in HL, etc.). I was hoping this thread would help redirect their efforts to something more useful.

It’s a reasonable sized project that shouldn’t take too much work.

If i could do this i would but sorry don’t have a clue about this honestly

That’s presumably because they’re more proficient at replacing sound files than making new models. I know I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be good though. I don’t think it’d be too hard to implement into the mod, either - the character manifest allows changing of models, so you could just put an entry in there for npc_zombie_guard and switch them to the new model when they have a certain targetname.

I’d love an HECU zombie. Gonomes would also be really cool (I know they were only in OF but they should be canon imo). Oh well, one can dream.

It does take a lot:
-Modeling (1 week)
-New A.I (probably some hours?)
-Animating (1 day)

You say community projects are waste of time, but the chance of a big project like the Hazard Course or re-adding stuff to chapters would get a bigger chance then this.I think you only made this thread for yourself, and not for the community.Also this community is not really productive, so I suggest you go to ModDB and ask it there.

No new AI is required…the HECU zombie is not an OpFor zombie or Zombine. It would have the same AI as the regular zombies (think BMS security guard zombie).

I don’t make threads for myself. It’s rude to make accusations.


Exactly Just a new skin same animations… But it would still be cool

if this is done I think they should use the zombine as a “base”, not the AI but the animations, the hecu zombie will have a lot more armor and equipment there for it will be more hunkered down than the normal zombie.

things that a hecu zombie should have. if ever made/added. note this is in my opinion.

  1. gas mask, the hecu zombie should still have it on or mostly on, probibly hanging half of its face do to the head crab.
  2. weekend vest, the armored vest that the hecu have should look shot up and have claw marks on it. this would explain them having the same hp as basic.

the hecu zombie would need a new AI mainly because it would need different animations than other zombies.
3. more sprint limp like movement, the hecu zombie has more armor on it and more items meaning it should move different even if it is moving at the same speed.

zombine AI ?, suicidal grenade? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, that would be lame…you don’t want to copy an element from a previous game into this one as it would diminish the element’s impact in said game.

If one were feeling really ambitious, one of the zombie arms could be animated with an MP5. As it walks toward you, the zombie could recklessly fire the weapon in random bursts until it runs out of ammo (it can’t reload cuz it’s stupid). Then it drops the weapon and starts to melee like usual.

Well, those soldiers have grenades and the headcrabs are the same as in HL2, so why not give them something seen in HL2, it will bind BM and HL2 together even more

I was mostly joking, seen as rebel zombies dont drop granades, I asume combine soldiers have their brain different (probably because combine implants).

Can anyone please get this started please… There has to be somone out there that has the knowledge to do this…???


Or this one


There is even and npc_zombie_grunt in hammer

The name of the model needs to be zombie_grunt this then makes a box in hammer but cannot get the textures to wrap onto the model from the materials folder.

Ok not sure on the name of the entity?..

Does anyone know where the fgd file is in bms so i can find the correct name of the entity to make so it can be used in hammer?

Is it zgrunt?


Ok I have checked the BMS.fgd

The name of the model needs to be called zombie_grunt.mdl

@NPCClass base(BaseZombie) studio(“models/zombies/zombie_grunt.mdl”) = npc_zombie_grunt : “Zombie Grunt”[]

Textures should probably be named zgrunt.vtf / vmt

To keep continuity

This has also made me realise there is no zombie guard torso unfortunatley aswell as Zombie grunt torso.

And leads me to a new idea of Hecu zombie variant that carries an explosive stachel on his chest… If you shoot the satchel (chest area) then this causes an exposion. and gibs him all over the place along with a large puddle of slime.

Obviously close quarters placement of this particualr zombie or in a crowd of others could be quite delightful

It’s a bit like the Zombine with their grenade on suicide mission if they see u?!

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