Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)

Welcome to the Black Mesa Hazard Course.[/size]


Developed by PSR Digital, Black Mesa: Hazard Course is an addon for Black Mesa centered around a completely new take on Half-Life’s training level, Hazard Course, featuring 6 maps, a wealth of new models and textures, an expanded introduction and outro sequence (based on the sequence exclusive to the PS2 version of Half-Life), and tons of new dialogue from the entire Black Mesa voice cast.

Black Mesa: Hazard Course is currently only supported on the Free/Mod version of Black Mesa. You can download it from ModDB via the button below.

A Steam version is in the works and will uploaded to the Workshop at some time in the future. There is currently no ETA for that version.

For updates and miscellaneous behind-the-scenes goodies, check out Hazard Course on Facebook!

Feel free to use this thread for discussion, bug reports, help, etc.

Here’s our notable images from the last thread, organized in order of appearance (in game):
EDIT: Most of these images are heavily outdated. I’m leaving them because reasons.

By TehBoxNoob

By TehBoxNoob

By Crypt

By Crypt

By Dky

By Dky

By JeffMOD

And of course, it’s all early and heavy WIP.

just needs a list of who’s working on it and what they are working on cause there is a good amount of you guys working on this.

[COLOR=‘Silver’]BoxNoob - Mapping
Crypt - Mapping
Dky - Mapping
JeffMOD - Choreography, Mapping
Lars - Prop modeling

That’s those who have actually shown any work (and what they’ve currently shown work on).
As you can see, we’re pretty good on mappers. Right now what we’d really love is a concept artist.

to bad all I can do is simple top down paint imagery… if I could draw I would try to help there. all I am good with is ideas.

These were originally posted by ac3d. Several of them are pretty good and could be potentially be adapted to the Hazard Course.

Know this might be a waist but here are some of my ideas. (mainly becuase I suck at telling ideas)

flash light puzzle area idea:
the player starts in a air lock of sorts, in this small airlock is 2 doors and a window in which a player can see a guard. teh guard informs the player that they will be required to use their flashlight and flairs for the next room.

guard says something like this before entering:
[COLOR=‘MediumTurquoise’]Ok freeman your going to need to use that flashlight of yours to navigate the next room, pauses to turn out the lights [COLOR=‘MediumTurquoise’]just a word of warning though its set to turn off after you turn the first two valves.

the room: the room is a simple maze made out of a old storage room, it requires the player to find and turn 4 valves which are needed top open the door leading out of the room. after turning the first 2 the players flashlight will die forcing them to use flares which can be found in boxes around the area each box would contain 4 to 6 flairs.
(can give a paint image of general idea if liked)

idea for swimming area:
hologram:[COLOR=‘DarkOrange’]up ahead you will learn how to navigate through water logged areas. for this exercise you will be given a crowbar.

the room: the player enters the room to see a large pool in front of them the pool the pool has a path marked through it, this path is marked by a make shift wall made out of unbreakable glass, the player must navigate this “maze” and get to the other side, in this maze is 3 obstacles.
the first being a barrier that is held in place by wooden boards, the player must break the boards to pass.
the second being some boxes that are blocking the path, the player must move or break them to pass.
the 3rd is a bridge that the player needs to raise to get out of the pool to do this they must place 2 or 3 barrels under it to raise it.
after finishing all 3 tasks the player can move to the next room (crowbar is auto striped and placed on a table at the end before leaving)

I kind of like the airlock idea, but the flares in black mesa were used to kill zombies in mcase the guard died or the player didnt ask the guard to help and were not really ment as lighting purpose except if you got resolution fucken low i think.please use periods in your room parr,its not fun reading without

I sincerely doubt the staff would refer to the female scientists as “female scientists.” It’s just not realistic. I would suggest replacing that bit with something a human being would actually say

Outdated media:
Can’t upload other media due dropbox website offline.

If you want to add more just add from the files that you already have on your harddrive.

Gonna upload dat shit to my site.
I’m to lazy to make a ImageShack account…

you should google imgur.

I’m happy that you get rid of all that secrecy(redacted here, redacted there…).

A small advice
You’ll be flooded with tips, judge them wisely.
Especially(I’m saying this to TehBoxNoob) Ronster he looms upon Sector C Forums :slight_smile:

Terminal screenshots:
All is outdated, and I can’t post screenshots until tommorow because the current version has unfinished texturing and brushes and lights.

Damn, you went to fuckin’ TOWN with the screenshots of that area, hahaha! But it looks pretty nice, if unfinishes, so why not show it off.

Also, I agree with Eli, use Imgur. It’s simple and produces very short links. Like this for instance: https://i.imgur.com/b0TC3.jpg
Unless you want a very, very high quality shot, in which case use Dropbox.

It was mostly teasing. From how on out anything really secret will be kept strictly between us. Like that [redacted] bit and the [cool_feature].

There will be transparency and there will be some secrecy. Mainly because secrecy helps to ensure that it’s friggin awesome the first time when you get to play it. It really spoils the fun when you know exactly what’s gonna happen beforehand. :slight_smile:

Indeed it is!

I know originally it was a kind of freighter elevator, it’s much better if it’s a terminal :slight_smile:

I think it would be safe to remove about half of the idling scientists… leave a few of them though, and explain it by saying that they’re also Hazard Course trainees.

We also need an animator for Gina, and a dedicated choreographer. JeffMOD says that he isn’t all that great at Faceposer overall. If he doesn’t feel up to the task, we shouldn’t have him do it.

I’m planning to make some choreography for them, but I want the community decide what kind of scenario they want on the terminal.
Jeff is pretty good at choreographing with trigger imo.
Eitherway any texture artist here that knows alot about VTF and VMF, because I really need some new skins for models.
@Dky I couldnt edit the Sector D to Sector A because my software is going nuts.
@Crypt & Eli I use Dropbox because its pretty easy to show off.I don’t know if Google Imgur can share a whole folder of images in 1 page :stuck_out_tongue: .
@Eli Ronster came up with lots of idea’s, but most of them didnt make sense to the original or could not be made due lack of progamming assets(?)

Black Mesa development in another nutshell.

We never really did see a constant stream of orangemap and fullbright screenshots being released as official media.

Okay then, whenever you get that working let me know.

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