Hands models system

I noticed that the existing system for the hands is very bad for developers of mods. A lot of modifications conflict with each other. I think you need to make a separate animation for the weapons and animation for every single hand. It can be added to modify the arms and weapons without problems. You can add individual playermodels with their hands and describe it in the script

I think we need to use cs go hands system. So every weapon will have .ani file just like new playermodels animations ,and I can add hands model in idle animation without any conflicts to other mods

Devs say something

It’s a nice idea!

Hey devs !Why do you ignore this thread?

I tried to make the system of hands the same like in CS GO but encountered a problem. I made a model callled “v_HevHands”. In the model ofrevolver I removed the “studio” bodygroup and models from 1 to 6 in qc file, I renamed the body1_model0 to reference . Now I can not describe it in the script, and I need help with it

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