I made this a few weeks ago and just wanted to know what people here thought. Forgot about this place for a minute but since I’m working on a longer version, I remember I’d want access to Xen so that gives me plenty of time to work on everything else. Just wanted some opinions, no need to try to throw the book at me on Half Life; I take a lot of non-Half Life influences here and there. Still dislike some of the wonky-ness of the pacing in the invasion scenes. Will work on them.

Want to do a longer version that puts a camera into the HEV suit (since it’s equipped with everything else practically). I’m trying to make it up to four times as long. I’m working on making the first person gameplay look as sharp as possible


Really liked it! Nice impression of what happened. Would have liked some more military action during the 7 hour war and a bit more focus on the resistance as well. The news updates were very well done. Can’t wait to see your next cut :slight_smile:

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