Game freezes when pressing ESC while quick-saving

There seems to be a game freezing bug when you press ESC very quickly after quick-saving. Instead of the pause menu, there is just a small modal with the text ‘PAUSED’. The game doesn’t crash, it is just stuck in a paused state where no button can resume the game. Pressing the number keys still shows the weapons changing on the HUD. I have been able to reproduce this bug every time.

Game version: 1.0

Can confirm. Had the same issue, but I did a normal save, then directly hit esc (I also wanted to make a quick save). My screen is looking like this for the past 10 minutes now (notice the “PAUSED” in the middle):

Current content BuildID: 4815922. No crash_bms.exe_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_1.dmp was created. Where can I find the game version?
Tried to reload the save, and it seems to work? Didn’t play any longer, so not aware if any corruption took place.

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