Five - Tenth Anniversary of HL2E2 Public Teaser Release

Today is a red letter day.

Ten years have passed since the launch of Half Life 2: Episode Two. Since Valve isn’t releasing anything today, I decided I would. This is the current iteration of Prison in a public .ZIP archive. Feel free to share this around and celebrate! Directions on installation and production notes can be found in the ZIP archive. This includes the release beta iteration 22 as well as every previous version of the map dating back to 2012 for your dissection pleasure.

If you would like to help playtest new versions or levels, please feel free to email me at the address in the ZIP archive. Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy this small slice of HL2 gunplay.

Got any screenshots for us hardworking people at work? :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, I can do some placetesting, sending an email now.

Testing #1:
Don’t include a line between each line of text.

It makes it harder to read.

There is a reason we have text together :wink:

Indeed I do! I put some on the mod’s ModDB:
Many more can be found at my devblog:

The devblog is updated the most as I work on my maps, I’ll push the best screenshots to the site.

NOTE: If you have issues with the .ZIP release, please post here and let me know if you have issues. I didn’t have any opportunity to extensively playtest int22 due to my main development computer being inoperable, so there may be some problems as a result.

The README will mention a .ain file. This is a navigation file for NPCs and will auto-generate when the map is run. If reflections have issues, use buildcubemaps in the console to fix them. If there are still issues with reflections please let me know.

There may be an issue where the player does not get item_suit on map load. This is not an intended case and reloading will hopefully fix the problem. If not, type give item_suit in the console and it should fix the issue.

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