First attempt at actual video editing. Rage 2 Gameplay

The quality of the video gets better as it goes on, as I’ve been learning as I go, messing with bit rates and other settings. So much fun to play this game, any criticism’s/suggestions would be appreciated!

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Tried watching it but I couldn’t
The video started out great but what stopped me was the music.
Simply put, I thought it was awful and irritating. I was looking for video highlights and instead got bombarded with sound that was, in my personal opinion, worse than terrible.


Haha! And here I thought the song choice was one of the best parts! Thanks for looking though!

yeah… ima need you to change the music up if you could… that would be greaaaaaaat. :wink:


More game-play audio and less mushroomhead.

That I can certainly do.

Are you shooting a video for YouTube?

Not exactly sure what you mean. I have been trying to learn video editing and have been messing with clips from the games I play. Put another one up yesterday, better than the first, but still a long way to go.

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Ok, second attempt is up.

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