File Corroption

I have tried over 20GB of Black Mesa download attempts from the provided mirrors inc two attempts via torrent - ALL coming up with a file corruption error. This is officially driving me mad now. I’m not a newbie when it comes to downloads but this is crazy!

“CRC failed in BlackMesa.7z. The file is corrupt”

Please Please Please anyone got any suggestions as to how to get an uncorrupted file downloaded? Many thanks

Few things to try…

  1. Did you try a “verify local data” or “force recheck” for the torrent after download? (it should re-download corrupted chunks and fix it.)
  2. Are you using the installer, 7zip or WinRAR? (you might get this kind of error if you are using old/incompatible decompressor versions. the file is might not be corrupted, just use the installer.)
  3. You might want to add an ip filter/blacklist to your torrent client (to minimize torrent poisoning - then re-download from scratch.)

Hope it helps.

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