Favorite Vacation Destination?

Where was your favorite vacation destination, who did you go with, and what did you do when you were there? what are some future destinations that you would like to visit?

Went to Disney World in Florida this past summer with my daughter a female and another family. I really enjoyed it. I was happily surprised that my daughter got onto and enjoyed almost all the rides.

My fav vacation ever.

I’m going back next year.

I don’t have a favorite destination, I’d rather discover new places instead and if possible with my friends. When I’ll roll on cash I’d go in Japan, Canada and NYC (in this order).

the bowels of hell

Best place I’ve ever been was Brazil. I went there in 2010, working during summertime with some colleagues in an hospital of Salvador, Bahia. Stunningly beautiful, even if there are rather complicated social issues.

If, instead, I had to say a city in particular, that would be Stockholm, Sweden. I went there last year, alone (none of my friends could come with me at the time), for 4-5 days, and I fell in love with the city. It’s just perfect. Everything works, everyone is kind and helpful, it’s pleasant to tour around, and you just feel in harmony with the surroundings. I liked it so much I am now gathering information for a possible transfert there.

[COLOR=‘Black’]Not to talk about the Swedish girls… guys, that’s paradise. Beautiful women in every corner, all blondes with light blue eyes… it’s exactly as you would imagine it.[/SIZE]

For the future: Japan, India, and for pure relax, Madagascar.
But these are more dreams, for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve quite enjoyed the skiing trips I’ve made to Colorado in the past, usually at Wolf Creek. The only problem is that all the skiing gear I have (or rent) sucks balls.

Jamaica = honeymoon (surpreme!)
Glenwood Springs, Colorado = Vacation spot / hot springs pool = Oooo la la!

Edit: must look up Wolf Creek. Never been. Where is it??

everyone should come vacation in detroit ive gone there nearly every day for 21 years and im only kinda dead it really is all its cracked up to be

I thought Wolf Creek was in Aust?

  • I have been nowhere except the Philippines. - It was amazing.

I went to Austin a few years ago to visit my cousin. Texas has amazing food. Plus there’s the Alamo Drafthouse. (Sadly, didn’t actually get to go to it.)

Near Pagosa Springs, which is itself a great vacation spot if you don’t mind the smell of sulfur. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some crappy city in Texas which had an international airport,

a friend I’d known online for seven years,

laughed at the city’s unidyllic nature, drove around, got lost, tried to buy contacts, went to a space museum, stayed in watching the ends of old movies, and those sorts of things.



I’ve been most everywhere except South America, Africa and Russia. Even got a nice tour of the middle east before it became a hell hole. I cant pick a favorite place to be. I start to run out of fun things to do after about 3 weeks in any city. @fancy: I actually want to see Detroit one day just because it sounds so fucked up. Chernobyl would be something to see as well.

I’d personally KILL to visit Antarctica. I find it absolutely fascinating! I used to live pretty damn near, but now that I’m in Europe I guess I’ll never get to go :frowning:

I’ve been there. It’s not a vacation spot.

I know, you have to ride a Zodiac all the way. I’d love to see the icebergs and penguins, and the endless snow. Maybe someday…

your mom

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