I draw in my math class, and decided to post some here. Go ahead and post your drawings, sketches, or whatever.

Woah, those are really good for math-class doodles. Of course, keep in mind I manage little more than stick figures.

Although I’m sure it’s inspired by Modern Warfare 2, the first one reminds me of the webcomic Gone with the Blastwave.

I used to sketch all sorts or whacked out crummy comics when I was in school. None of them have survived my life since graduation though…

Thanks, thank’s alot. The first one is actually more killzone and wh40k influenced. I actually really hate modern warfare 2.

Man I haven’t drawn anything in a long time. I have a couple old sketchbooks I could probably dig up though…there’s bound to be some interesting/embarrassing stuff in there

I draw all the time but I have no scanner so i can’t show them off.

I did math in my art class but I did not have a camera at the time so you will have to make due with the following image:


two shitty pictures that I did today:

I’ve done loadsa stuff but I also broke my scanner.


here i made a comic in 12 minutes with ma mouse

damned tablet pen got lost again

What the fudge?

Wow OP, you must really suck at maths, since you probably don’t get any done.

I hate to said it, but your mp7 suck.
But the peoples you draw is good.

And another gun, start look at gun image and copy it.

The way it was meant to be :freeman:

op you anatomy is horrible and your characters flat
but you can learn from the master!

I drew this in math class

It was on the back of a notebook.

Dem be some secksy math classes.

EDIT: Did anyone say, the back side of the math notebook?

Stop being so awesome dammit.

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