Download page issues

  1. Torrent file on MediaFire was removed. Please reupload it, or just leave a magnet link on the download page (I don’t see any reason to put a ~100 KiB torrent file to an external host).
  2. Download links on GameFront are down as well. There could be others…
  3. The download page says the total size is 3.8 GiB, but all download mirrors say 3.08 GiB.
  4. Please provide hash values for the 2 files on the download page. Since the installer is on many mirrors, we need to verify its integrity.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: Btw, is the song on homepage dropped? Unlike some crappy songs on other websites, I don’t find this song annoying at all. The piano sounds so good.

Thank you for reporting these. We will get right to it :slight_smile:

The soundtrack is no longer available on mediafire it seems.

Could you somehow optimize the crossfade (by a factor of at least 10) or provide a cookie-backed option to disable crossfading?

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