DM_WGH release thread

this map is in testing phase and it is in its first release

Changelog V2 (Unreleased)

Linky to workshop
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So, I went ahead and took a look around. Overall it’s a pretty decent port; there’s just a few issues I think would be worth fixing:

I’m not sure why the inaccessible areas were blacked out like this. Just keeping the doors locked would be more than sufficient.

A lot of the lighting looks strange, as though the map has leaks.

The map still uses the old cinderblock textures found in the maps given in the mapsrc folder, as opposed to the new “2k” textures that actually appear in the game.

The Bounce-style wooden ladders are odd-looking; I’d suggest using the metal ones as in Lambda Bunker.

The lights in the ventilation shafts seem to either have the wrong skin or are partially embedded in the wall, as they are not being illuminated.

Not a big fan of turning these catwalks just into empty holes; maybe have the fences “fallen down” on the floor in front of the area.

that area was blacked out since it started leaking randomly near there had to remove it and it fixed it will add it back later will upload a V2 with a collection of fixes to other stuff i haven’t remembered to upload it yet. uploading what i have so far so you can critique it also have you pressed the big red button lately?

i went ahead and removed clipping for most of the upper props vents and lights mostly makes tau jumping easier swapped the shotgun spawn and its ammo with a mp5 so as to place mp5’s away from the extra mp5 grenades removed 1 out of the 3 long jumps now have to risk it to get your LJ reward.

added teleporter effects and made the fight room connect to the elevator shaft

you can now play elevator teleporter roulette

most of these changes are to make the map flow better when fighting

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