dm_1337_street (A remake of the 1337_street map of HL1DM)

Hello everyone. I think we all remember the picture of HL1 1337_street.
I would like to present this map for BM and to hear from you assess and suggestions on map.
The map is in the alpha state.
Original map for HL1

Map for BM WIP

While all . :wink:

Please dont let the Streets in nowhere. Add an 3DSky, that would look awesome.

Looks interesting from the screens.

Of course will be added to the 3D skybox

That looks amazing.

New screens!

Work in progress.

See you soon

Looks so epic and great! :slight_smile: i was played 1337_street and dms version too … nice port :slight_smile:

Also i remember you :slight_smile: I was saw your gamebanana account and maps too

Hello all again. I continue to develop the map. I decided to share with you the latest screenshots.
At present there is a refinement of detail and optimization map.

In conclusion I would like to ask you, whether the normal light and the brightness on the map?


Woow good update bro :thumbup:

Thank you! Map is already at the finish line.

Greetings. Map is now available for download on gamebanana

Why not the workshop?

I can not start blackmesa_publish

Added gameplay video

I’m sorry I’m just seeing this now, keep up the good work!

The map is now available in the workshop

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