Can someone just add a portal gun?

I mean… Someone did it in Gmod. Is anyone working on adding in a portal gun? Or any other interesting weapons? Things that aren’t just reskins. Weapons from other games, other series, things like that.

The short answer: No.

The long answer:


The technical answer is that Black Mesa is closed-source, and so while scripting allows some custom logic to be added (if it were working- currently it’s not) complicated graphical and logical changes like portals could not be included.

The design answer is that adding a portal gun to a game with inaccessible balconies and skyboxes would pretty much destroy any chance of coherent level design.

The proper answer is why would anyone want memes in Black Mesa?

As for a reason why someone was able to do it in Gmod but not BM, Gmod uniquely allows support for custom Lua scripts and such, which is a functionality that Black mesa doesn’t have.


Unless you had a way to import BM maps into GMOD, I don’t see it being possible in BM itself. Just my two cents.

If you have an excellent grasp of x86 32-bit assembly on Windows platforms, and have access to a disassembler/decompiler/interactive debugger, plus an excellent grasp of the Source Engine itself, with the ability to correlate all of its functions with the optimized machine code in the Black Mesa client and server binary DLL files, and are willing to spend weeks/months/years reverse-engineering the DLLs, writing your own custom portal gun code (or ripping it from the Portal binaries), inserting the custom code into the binaries while updating all the memory references, and then recompiling the whole mess while hoping you didn’t screw everything up (which you almost certainly did), then yes. You could.


Maybe even within a few decades.

Can someone add moon rock paste to black mesa walls so that I can use Dky.tehkingd.u’s portal gun

Bad idea, it’ll kill everyone faster than the aliens do.

You could probably hack something together in hammer by detecting crossbow bolts and grenades with trigger_multiples. And then move two trigger_teleports to those 2 places.
Gonna have to try this stupid idea.

Quick edit: It works for grenade_bolts (crossbow) but it doesnt update to the crossbow position. I should’ve been sleeping by now. (3.5 KB)

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