So, i’m new here.
Been loving the game so far, played the free mod way back before the steam release and still do not regret
wasting 20 dollars on buying the game.[/size]

I’d like to present myself with a small custom map that I’ve made.[/size]


A shooting range where you can test your weapons and aim, kill yourself with the RPG, test workshop skins, lit as many flares as possible, and whatever you want.
And even get some cheeky achievements!

It’s pretty damn small, but i’ll be adding more features into it. Like a NPC area (the “blue” side of the map), where you can slaughter as many damned NPC’s as you want and laugh while doing it.

The weapon room features a logic_timer that re-spawns everything inside it (except for the flares) each 15 seconds. The wall chargers are also affected by the timer and will be refilled in the same time as the weapons. So you’ll never run out of ammo and first aid!

Here are the screenshots in random order. Remember that it’s still in heavy WIP and i’ll be not uploading it to the workshop until it reaches a “stable” point.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Feedback is also appreciated :smiley:

(Hopefully I’ve posted in the right category)[/size][/size][/align]

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