BM Veterans

Come on you old bastards, black op, bates, hot, acid, stickittotheman, operative lm I know I’m forgetting a million people. Come on out of the woodwork. :fffuuu: Post 2008 members sit at the back of the room and be quiet.

Motherfucker, I joined early 2008.

Also, freaking finally… and where is the running Claude gif?

Ohai there zim >.>

EDIT: Wait, why is this in massdebating hall again?
Vroom Vroom to the Off-Topic we goooooooo

Joined in 2006, hai thar

I don’t remember when I joined so I’ll just sit in the back and make sandwiches.

I’ve never left. I’ve been trapped in here like it was some kind of dungeon…help…

I was around in 2005, and posting in the leakfree days.

I had an account before the crash, but I could never get my email to work back then, so it just sat there and I stalked the forums, instead.

That almost counts…

I just barely missed leak free. Gamernode was my beginning.

2007 is as far back as I can remember, something with an award from ModDB.

They’re all the same person.

I lurked starting around '07, but didn’t stop being a ghost 'til '09. I don’t think it counts.

so I joined oct 2006 oh yeah! but I only started posting some time early 07.

By the time Xen comes out there is gonna be even less people who joined before 2008 and are still posting.

sup yo


Leak Free was a year (or more?) before GN. I was a member after LF for a while before the move to GN. was my start.

I, too, migrated to Leakfree from We are old, sir. :<

I’ve been visiting these forums since '07. I decided to make my old account a few months after that under the name “B0b0.” I lost that account and then used this one three or four years later.

I made this account later '11? I know I had one before that.

Oh wait, that was the bug-me-not one. Woo! Anonymity

I have difficulty staying quiet in class, unless I’m sleeping and I am not tired.

I have no idea how long I’ve lurked… I can remember before the crash though. I only created this account about a year ago. Not much of a talker I’m afraid. Except for in person.

Founded in 2004, became one of the first online communities dedicated to Valve’s Source engine development. It is more famously known for the formation of Black Mesa: Source under the 'Leakfree Modification Team' handle in September 2004.