Black Mesa Sound Effects Copyright Question

Hi. I noticed a thread on this forum mentioning that most of the sound effects in the game (bms_sounds_misc) were royalty free and that the license.txt mentioned a CC BY-NC license. I just wanted to clarify since my project is a bit different than the one mentioned in the post:
I’m working on a project that involves making an underground facility in UE4, that would be controllable by users. They could run “experiments”, operate shipments, security, etc and control the facility’s systems. I wanted to use some sounds from the black mesa files since they fit in perfectly. The game will be free to use, but I will accept donations if the user chooses to (this is all considering the project comes through with anything - it’s very early in development).
My question is, am I okay to use some sound effects from the game files under this, would I need to not accept donations at all, am I not allowed to use the sound effects, etc?

I’m not sure if this helps, I had a similar question some time ago for a Doom project I’m still working on, I’m not sure if it’s dependent on the source of the audio files since I have maybe a 0.2% comprehension of legal stuff.
But this is a response I had on the issue regarding sound effects.

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