Black Mesa Roleplay Map?

Hello? Is this thing on?

Just kidding.

I am part of a Garry’s Mod community that will have a Black Mesa Roleplay server. I took it upon myself to start updating a three to four year old map created for BMRP named Lambdacore, or in file terms, rp_lambdacore_beta3_ep1. This map was used by Aerolite Gaming a few years ago for BMRP, but Aerolite shutdown a few months after. I managed to get a hold of the map on the workshop, and have worked for about a week trying to update the textures and figures. I realized this isn’t easy, nor is it fun, and I don’t have the creative prowess or the ability to do anything great with it. I was wondering if I could find some help here? I think it would make a great addition to the veil of the Black Mesa community to have some sort of legitimate work on roleplay maps such as lambdacore. There are others, mostly carbon copies of Sector C and compilation maps containing sections from multiple stages in the Half-Life Campaign, they’re alright, but not good enough in my eyes. I believe professional work on such a map could help both communities, Black Mesa, and Garry’s Mod.

(If this is the wrong section just let me know…I’d really like some help with this map though, kinda inexperienced.)

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