Black Mesa Monitor Screensaver

Someone asked for it a while back, so I finally got around to making it.

Updated July 29, 2015 - Get it here:

WoW, thank you so much CatzEyes! Another candy from you to the community!

It’s very nice, although I recommend smoothing out the loop. Also, is there a wider version?

Can someone reupload the screensaver? The link to download doesn’t seem to work anymore :frowning:

Sorry bout that broken link. I fixed it with a new link. Please let me know if it doesn’t work tho mkay?

Google is your friend when u enter Black Mesa screensaver, but anyhow here is the link!

No widescreen

I think this screen saver requires installation to work correctly.
In the “Download Options” box, click on “8 Original” at the bottom-right. Save the zip file somewhere, extract it, then run “Black Mesa Monitor Screensaver.exe”. After install has completed the screensaver should appear in the list in the Windows Screen Saver Settings:

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