Black Mesa: Black Ops

At the moment, the focus of the story fashion about black operatives and special. operations in the Black Mesa complex. Hello dear friends! For a long time there was no news from our side. Someone who had exams, someone defended a diploma, etc., in general, we had little. But now when everything is already behind you can already begin to work hard on the next project. For whom it’s not a secret our next modification will be Black Mesa: Black Ops, and immediately we want to note that this is not a remake of the remake of Half Life: Black Ops, that is, there will be new locations / levels and most importantly new models that we ourselves And we do. At the moment we have big plans for this mod, our goal is to make it as high-quality and atmospheric, so stay tuned for news.

Greetings to all, long ago we had no more significant news than just the textual everyday life of the community. It’s time to change this business. Today we will talk about a new project of our team under the working title Black Mesa: Black Ops.

The name corresponds to what will happen in fashion, namely we will try to show the story of one of the participants of the incident namely the “black operative”.

While we can say that the mod will not be small, but its release will be divided into chapters, how many we plan, depends on the capabilities of the team. At the moment there is a construction of 2 cards for the first chapter, whether there will be a 3rd in it, another question. The first card I want to show today.

The peculiarity of our work is that the latest version can always be modified or modified. 1-3 the screen is all clear, on the 4th I want to show the scale of the map itself, which you will be waiting for when you pass.

Black Mesa: Black Ops -

So it will be something like that?What features are planned?Are you going to add new weapons\enemies?Will we meet some allies and kill some scientists\HECU?

No. This is an absolute different mod. They do not have any to other versions of “Black Ops” New weapon models , new npc and new story.

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