Black mesa: A Spy in a Madman's way

2018-06-03: New remastered update released!
Due to the changes in the lighting system, the maps stopped working.
So now they’re all recompiled with the new lighting system and it includes lots of bug fixes, more props, more ambient and more scripting.
So go and shoot some stuff and have fun!

2016-12-21: Released, if you find a bug it’s your own fault. So don’t.

Features 5 maps with custom voice acting, dialogue based choices, new enemies (sort of), lots of music and a new weapon, the M-60. M-60 was cut due to pakrat not working when a levelchange or a load happens, will be included in the sequel maps.
I’m just waiting for the last Fiverr voice actor to deliver his line, then I’m off to hope that it all ships to the steam workshop. Oh and maybe squish a bug or two in between.





Finally figured out how to give Scientists weapons without using black magic.


They can’t use crowbars, but now I got a force of panicking scientists who know how to pew-pew.
Also pakrated in an M-60, need to work a bit on getting the animations to work tho.

Bumpelipumb! Read OP post. :slight_smile:

Can you say how did you make custom weapon? Or it is a rplacement?

It’s a replacement for the weapon_assassin_glock. I extracted the weapon_assassin_glock from the scripts/default/gameplay/weapons from the misc_dir.vpk,
I then edited the script with Notepad++, changed weapon firing and set the player model to a model I’ve downloaded from Gamebanana.

Then I used pakrat to add the weapon to the map.
For the ammo icon I replaced the ammo_energy.vtf with a texture of my own.

Note that pakrat doesn’t seem to like it when you pakrat a map twice, so if you do some changes to the script, recompile the map and then pakrat it into it.

Its looks like l4d2 weapon model

Is there possible way to create custom weapon without replacing other?

It’s a cs go model. Custom made.

I don’t think there is a way to create a custom weapon unless you replace a previous one.
The weapon_assassin_glock works fine to replace as long as one leaves the npc_attack as before and the w_ model as the pistol, thus the player can use it and the assassins still have their normal pistol attack.

I have made icon for your M60

Downlaod Link
Hope it will help for your project

Thanks, but I already have an icon for it :slight_smile:

It seems that the Black Mesa vpk.exe runs out of memory when you add a large file to it.
However the Left 4 Dead 2 vpk.exe worked just fine.

EDIT: BMS fails to load the maps, it detects them just fine.
A friend had to extract the maps from the .vpk and unsub from the workshop.

Could be good to know if someone else has the same problem.

Looks like you’re really pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible with a BM addon - look forward to playing it!

Ok, so after the first volunteer play tested it:

Pakrat doesn’t work when changing levels, this includes enemy accuracy, so the enemy are waaaay too good with the glock.
It’s kinda interesting that the security forces have better aim with the glock than the soldiers with the mp5. :wink:

Some holes in displacements, some minor level design that needs to be more clear, I forgot to include some models and textures in the .vpk :slight_smile:

But expect an update in a few days, hopefully I can release it to the public then.

Bumpelibump due to edits not showing up as a new post:

It’s been released. Go pew pew and stuff.

Where is M60 ?

Had to be cut after extensive testing due to it failing to load when changing levels.
Will include it in a planned sequel map instead.

Is this NOLF inspired?

Yepp! Nolf 2, a bit of serious sam and Black Mesa + my mind on beer.

Bumpelibump! Just wanted to tell you guys that I’ve uploaded my sequel on the workshop.
It continues the story of Ray and his way home from the Black Mesa facility all while fighting aliens, the government and all other madness.
It features lots of music, voice acting, textures, maps and enemies. Plus some humor as well in there.

You can find it here:[/size]

Bump: Maps updated, check first post for more info.

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