Anime/Manga Thread

Remaking this so we have a place to discuss anime again.

Steins;Gate is shaping up to be one of my new favorite shows and I’m not even halfway through it. I worry about how it will end but I’ve heard good things about it. After a bit of a confusing beginning and a somewhat sluggish first act, it’s getting pretty intense right now around Episode 10/11. Are there any other shows like this? I’ll need another one to watch soon at the rate I’m going through this one…

I thought FMA: Brotherhood was pretty good. Still haven’t seen the ending though. The last season wasn’t on Netflix the last time I checked.

Fucking Steins;Gate is so good. The people who made the game its adapted from have a couple of other animes you could check out if you like it. Chaos;Head is a couple years old and a currently ongoing adaptation Robotics;Notes. Both of which I like a lot but not quite as much as Steins;Gate.

Assuming that those semicolons are supposed to be there, did you miss an “of” in that sentence?

One Piece is really the only manga I read nowadays. Berserk and HXH every once in a while when they actually release and I’m reading a rescan project of part 4 of JoJo. Next OP chapter is next week and it’s going to be awesome based on how last chapter ended.

The ending is the same as the one in the manga, meaning it’s contrived, cliche, and somewhat shitty. In comparison to the original, Brotherhood had better battles and fights, but that’s pretty much it. It had more characters, but less characterization. And its story gets to be atrocious and it has one big unsatisfying ending.

I liked Brotherhoods ending much better.
I’m just gonna lay my favorites out here and see where this shit goes:
Kuroshitsuji (which I cosplay from)
Fma: Brotherhood
Darker Than Black
Pandora Hearts (which I cosplay from)
Death note
One Piece
Naruto (which I cosplay from)
Ouran Highschool Host Club (which I cosplay from)
Spirited Away (kick ass movie)
Howls Moving Castle

I’d say steins gate, but dubs make my ears bleed. And I havent found a sub yet.

Note: I read the manga’s for these as well as watch them.

Just finished reading Madoka Magica: The Different Story this morning. It was… so beautiful.
But then, I have that opinion about everything Puella Magi related. :stuck_out_tongue:

I quite enjoyed Gurren Lagann.

I’ve been meaning to watch one of those mecha animes. Is there a really good one that’s on Netflix?

Definitely. I only watched a bit of the anime (I intend to watch more) and it was just wow

Mirai Nikki was good until the ending came and was just stupid imo.

How many good animes have bad endings? A couple already mentioned in this thread, and IIRC Neon genesis evangelion also had one so bad it’s got a page on TVtropes.

Depending on how you wish to acquire it…there is a subs version. It has some issues but works well enough.

Not sure whats on Netflix, but some of the classics/favorites would be Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster, Macross Frontier, Gundam (though no idea where to start), Gurren Lagann, Full Metal Panic…

Be prepared for lots of believing in yourself though. It’s a rule that every robot suit is powered by the pilot’s psyche, because reliably functioning equipment, strategy, firepower, and the laws of physics are no match for the power of the human soul!!!

A lot. Just as many have endings that, while not necessarily bad, are unsatisfying or depressing. Romance/comedy/slice of life animes often have the unsatisfying endings, cause the relationship between the hero and the love interest seldom becomes more than good friend by the end, and often nothing interesting happens with the group of friends at the end, they just graduate or whatever. Mecha/drama animes often have depressing endings, since people die and there’s often really terrible consequences for the hero’s actions.

EDIT: ohhhh man Steins;Gate just got even more intense. The part where [color=’#151515’]Okabe keeps time-leaping to try to save Mayuri totally jerked all my heartstrings. Emotional stuff, man. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but think that he was a little dense (he always is, but specifically here)…I mean, if you can’t save her in this world line, wouldn’t you try some D-mails to change it to a world where she lives? Of course, Suzuha totally negates that possibility with her explanation of the alpha/beta world lines, but still. Seemed obvious to me, but I guess the point was he was consumed by emotion and wouldn’t think straight anyway, right? Oh and how did no one realize who Suzuha really was like a million episodes ago? She dropped like every hint that she was a time-traveler: talking about common stuff like she’d only read about it, referring to what would happen in the future…you’d think that people experimenting with time travel would be more…aware of stuff like that. Also, once they know about what D-mail does, why do they still not think of that first whenever he acts weird? Or is that just illustrating how difficult it is to get used to the idea of time travel, and how powerful an influence our own memories have over us…? Agh. Well, minor gripes and head-scratchers aside, this show is freaking amazing.

Honestly none of those are issues since you yourself explained them away with your own knowledge. You won’t find many faults with Stiens;Gate because its fucking awesome. Also I look forward to the movie that comes out soon.

I suppose you are right. Everything made more sense once I had a chance to think about it, which, funnily enough, is about the opposite of what happens after watching recent Hollywood movies. Even [color=’#151515’]Okabe not realizing who Suzuha was kind of has an explanation. Though it’s obvious to us that she was a time-traveler, and possibly Okabe even suspected it, as he admitted when he was captured by Moeka’s gang, it was more or less all a game to him. Until things got far too real for him, he probably didn’t think she was really a time-traveler. Though he did seem to believe that Titor was for real, so I’m not entirely certain about that. He never seemed to pause to consider that any of her weirdness might be because she’s from the future either. Anyway, not a big deal. I do hope they explain why the first D-mail changed everything at the beginning though. And yeah I’m totally stoked to have more Steins;Gate to look forward to after I finish the series. :jizz:

Hellsing Ultimate is a great OVA series (anime is fine, but mediocre), but I would recommend that, in the last episode (OVA 10, or X), you stop RIGHT after the scene with the shrines of those who’ve died are shown, because a crappy, half-assed, pretentious ending will follow. Same goes for the manga as well (OVAs follow manga 100%).
I disagree alot with some choices that they’ve made like their use of exaggerated character designs, melodramatic orchestra/opera music, lack of any real gothic design (save for the last few, who’ve darkened the color palette quit a bit), but it’s still a great product.
Also, Gungrave. This one is like The Godfather and Resident Evil put in to one.

I actually liked the TV ending of Evangelion more than the film “The End of Evangelion.” It was much more coherent, even if a bit esoteric. Certainly better and more interesting and less completely fucked up than the film, IMHO.

As for other anime/manga I liked:

  • Psalms of Planets: Eureka seveN (“Eureka Seven” for western audiences)
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Samuari Champloo
  • Lovely Complex
  • Persona 4: The Animation
  • Eden of the East
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/2nd GIG
  • Soul Eater
  • Michiko to Hatchin (didn’t finish this one but I remember good things)

Someone also recommended that I watch this other series about a duo of music students, but I’m completely blanking on the name. Someone else here has probably heard of it though.

Psycho-Pass is an on-going anime that you ghost in the shell people might like. Although I can’t say for sure because to be honest I am bad at recommendations. But to me so far it is like a mix of Minority Report (normal non-anime sci-fi) and ghost in the shell.

Doesn’t seem like nise or bake have been thrown in yet. They’re both pretty good, the star scene is fucking amazing.

As others have mentioned, Steins;Gate is awesome. I tried Chaos;Head and found it to be horrible. Idk, not my taste, and definitely not at all like Steins;Gate.

Anyone know if Gintama is any good? I’m downloading 20 gigs of it right now without knowing if I’ll like it. Everyone else seems to though.

Magica Modaka is great.

Ghost Hunt is kinda silly anime that I actually ended up rather liking.

Maid Sama is good. Nichijou is good. The other anime with Nichijou in its name and some other Japanese words is good as well. Eden of the East is alright. And well that’s what I have to recommend for now. Not very detailed recommendations, but there were a lot of them.

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