This Is So Not Waffles...

People need comfort, even if it’s just a virtual tap on the back by strangers all over the world

Maybe there are more of these types of threads popping up because we’re on a gaming forum which is mostly frequented by socially awkward penguins that fail at relationships, myself included. It’s interesting to hear peoples thoughts and stories on the matter, I guess. Also, fuck being alone, you can ignore it and pretend like it’s nothing, but you feel pretty shit about it after a while.

Stuff comes back at you after a while, you are right
It’s nice to be able to get stuff outta your chest

I just keep telling myself loneliness breeds boredom which breeds creativity which breeds known people all over the world :retard:

I’m in the same boat, though things could be changing. I go to an art college. Yes, go ahead and scoff. I’ll never get a job or money blah blah blah. I’ve heard it all. It’s a different breed of human in this kind of environment. Lots of women I can see myself being interested in and more of a chance some of them could be interested in me. Better than votech high school where mechanics and painters were forced to clash mindsets under one roof.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that a drastic change of scenery is good for clearing a mind of the funk of yesterday. It won’t necessarily change things but it usually helps one feel better.

I’ve heard that girls have completely different programming for things that turn them on, which starts with self-confidence and ends with dominance, and does not include any visual stimuli, only psychological… so if you’re not a dominant manipulative self-confident jerk all the time, you have pretty much 0% chance with a non-crazy female.

I’m up for the crazy ones, normal people are so boring anyway.

say goodbye to your dick. last seen on the side of a road.

TGP, you know who would totally go out with you? Fancy Pants.

But yeah, I’m a virgin and I’ve never made it to an anniversary. I’m happily single at the moment, though. I’m also on-and-off head-over-heels in love with a woman who can’t have thought about me in almost two years now - although, thankfully, I seem to finally be getting over her.

Yeah. I felt marginally better after I shared mine. A very narrow margin, but it did help slightly.

If it helps TGP, I’ve never been on a proper date and I’ve been either rejected or stood up by every girl I’ve asked out (meaning, about 5).

Well, a man confessing and complaining about his sexual life, or better say the lack thereof isn’t very attractive ._.

Luckily I doubt many of the women he’d be trying to court frequent this site.

You never know, someone might even use it against him.
EDIT: I mean, this doesn’t belong to a forum full of nerds, there are professionals for that, like psychologists and sexologists.

and the sexologist is paid to try to make them understand what I posted above without saying it outright…

Hence the fact that girls like douchebags over guys who actually care for them. Gotta love the human psyche -__-

Fuck, I am starting to notice how fucking terrible (much worse than I remember, actually) being rejected by some girl really is

I didn’t think it would be so bad getting rejected and friendzoned, but it’s actually depressing. It’s painful to think about.

Sir, I think you dropped this


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