ED_Alloc: no free edicts ... Catastrophic Game Crashing Continues

The “ED_Alloc: no free edicts” bug continues to crash many PC user’s game after over a year since the game was released. ALL solutions recommended are not working. Solutions include, loading a previous save, restarting the level, entering command codes at the developer’s console. None work … not just for me either, but based on the messages left on the Steam discussion board.

On the Steam Black Mesa Discussion Board under the “Bugs” thread, one of the moderators said that the problem was a logic flaw in the source code which caused too many instances of “Edicts” to be allocated which overloaded the game and caused the crash. The error was not related to the computer the game was installed on.

It was also suggested by a board moderator that there might be an update (version 1.5) which would fix the problem. When the question of a projected date for the release was asked, the moderator replied “when it is released.”

Question: When will version 1.5 Black Mesa be released? Is there a better answer, one that is more informative, than “when it is released?”

Thank you in advance / with great respect,

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