Dark Areas/Overdark glitch

Has anyone ever had an issue with the game where some places are just too dark to go through? It might be because of some of your computers specs or your computer might only be partially compatible. I have some solutions to remedy this problem.
First (& this worked the best for me), what you should do is open the developer console & type in mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 1 to brighten up those darker areas. You might also have an issue with the flashlight too. Type in mat_dxlevel 95 to fix that too (note that it has to redownload light maps, so if it doesn’t have some sort of loading screen then you have to retry it by inputting the same code but replace 95 with 90, or you input the code wrong. But do this & you can have a better experience. But make sure to put the codes in again every time you reload the game as the game resets anything put in the developer console. And don’t worry about the codes getting in the way of achievements. The codes are achievement friendly. I hope this post helps anyone.:ok_hand::fist_left::wave:

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