Can you make it so the flashlight doesn't come out of my dick?

Hey guys, thank you all for the brilliant game.

So yeah, as the title says, I feel like the flashlight is positioned way too low. When using it in an open room or hallway it works fine, but as soon as you move close to a waist-high crate the room is plunged into darkness as the crate casts a shadow over everything on the screen. All you need to do is walk up to a wall with the flashlight on to see that it’s literally positioned directly on Gordon’s crotch.

Particularly annoying is crawling through vents and having every dead heacrab you kill cast a shadow up from the floor over the entire screen until you move past it. Not to mention trying to look through glass panels on doors or windows into darkened rooms only to have to the wall below the window light up while the area beyond becomes even darker. Really kills the survival/exploration vibe, man.

I was honestly surprised that I couldn’t find anyone else mentioning it. I’ve tried clean installations on two completely different PCs and the behavior is the same. Seems like a pretty simple fix and I hope you guys will consider it for a future update.

Thanks again for everything.

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